Pet Portraits

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To have me draw or paint one of your pets (or one you know or love), just contact me.  I’ll need a photo or two, maybe more.   A good pose often involves a favorite toy.  This is custom work, so there is no such thing as a price chart.  Pricing begins at $200.  I am most comfortable using pen & ink, acrylic or scratchboard.





This is a scratchboard illustration with acrylic wash. The cat’s owner is a researcher who works with drosophylus melanogasteri. No actual fruit flies or cats were harmed.
Acrylic painting on canvas.


pet_portrait_4Scratchboard, showing my sci-fi tendencies.
Donated to Dudley Observatory’s 150th Gala auction of November 16th, 2007.

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Frank Smith 518-449-89458am-5pm EST
or Email me .

I’m glad to ship pet art anywhere in the US.

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