Altered Thrift Store Art by Frank Smith, Artist

Originals are usually oil paintings and my alterations are in acrylic.

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or Email me for prices and to purchase.

If you’re a fan, keep an eye on this page for new ones.  You never know what’s next—because I never know what’s next.

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altered_thrift store_art_14
Le Cri


altered_thrift store_art_13
You Scream, I Scream!


altered_thrift store_art_2
Milk Addicts From Space!


altered_thrift store_art_1.

altered_thrift store_art_12


altered_thrift store_art_9





altered_thrift store_art_7

Just phone or email to arrange for purchase.  These are $200 each, shipping is extra.

Originally painted in quantity for decor and as much merchandise as they are art, these thrift store paintings are just the kind of art I love to subvert/enhance.

The have good composition and craftsmanship, but are not very creative, interesting or meaningful, so I enhance them to bring some amusement into the viewer’s life.  I like to think most of the artists who originally painted them would approve of these and the whole repainting genre.

Some are available as prints on paper or stretched canvas.

Also, if you’d like me to “enhance” art you already own, just call or email.

Frank Smith, Artist • Albany NY • 518.449.8945 • Weekdays 8am-5pm EST
or Email me.

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